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Software we currently offer


Looking for a complete solution?

We are distributors for the DoctorsPartner suite of products that include:

  • Scheduling

  • Electronic Charting (EMR)

  • E-Prescriptions

  • Complete Billing module

  • Lab Interfaces

  • Document Management



Coming Soon!


We are also happy to say that we are developing and will soon be releasing the DayLite EMR software, FREE to our customers, that offers the following features!

  • Scheduling

  • Electronic Charting

  • Lab Interfaces

  • Document Management

  • Network Access

  • .net technology

Based on the leading edge microsoft .net technologies, DayLite EMR will easily install on any of your windows PCs for use at any location!  Once you finish charting on the patient, you can easily upload the completed superbill to our billing system with one click!


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