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Florida Based Medical Billing


Our Medical Billing Pricing is SIMPLE!


We charge a FLAT rate per provider, per month!  This rate is determined based on many practice factors.  This includes:

  • Claims Generation

  • Electronic Claims Submission

  • Posting

  • Receivables Follow up with Insurance carriers

  • Handling Rejections & Filing Appeals

  • Clearinghouse Filing and ERA costs

  • Hosting service for Award Winning Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software (call for details)

  • Automatic Phone Appointment Reminder software for patient appointments

  • Discounted installation and training Fees for the EMR and phone appointment reminder software

  • Unlimited, secure web access to all your data and reports at any time

  • Postage and Paper for mailing claims and statements


Our additional services


We do offer additional services for your convenience at an additional cost. These include:

  • Eligibility Verification prior to appointments

  • Software based Code review of your billing codes to comply with CCI guidelines to reduce rejections and bundling

  • Onsite installation and training for the staff


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