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Why choose ABC to do the Medical Billing for your Florida practice?

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Our Medical Billing Service Benefits


Why sign up with AB&C Medical Billing?

Because you want to be an MD, not an MBA. We will focus on you to let you:

  • Maximize your Income

  • Minimize your worries about billing

  • Focus on your patients, not paperwork

  • Speed up and smooth out your Cash Flow

  • Know where you stand with online reports

  • Reduce your costs and overhead

  • Reduce rejections and payment delays

  • Costs you less than a full time employee for the complete service!

  • No Employee related costs like Medical Insurance, Dental etc.


Our EXCLUSIVE advantage!


Why settle for a high percentage company with less benefits?  We offer some UNIQUE advantages for you. These include:

  • Improve documentation and higher coding with our included award winning DoctorsPartner EMR software

  • Reduce No-Shows using our included Automatic Patient Appointment Reminder software

  • Store Critical Documents and get electronic patient signatures using our included Document Management Software

  • ABOVE ALL - Know what you will pay with our Flat Rate pricing so you have no unpleasant surprises about your billing costs!


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